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PeaZip is an archiving program with innovative optics and many setting possibilities.



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Do you know that? You download files from the Internet or you pull data from the computer of your buddies, friends are packed in any complicated and exotic formats, but you can not open with the usual discharge Pack programs. PeaZip is a general-purpose alternative now.

PeaZip is the Universalver - and unpacker, when it comes to archived files. Hardly a freeware can decipher how this useful tool which has helped so many users bail out so many different formats. In addition to the usual and widespread formats ZIP, ISO or RAR, PeaZip recognizes rare archive formats such as DEB, 7ZIP or PAQ. In addition to the discharge Pack function PeaZip offers a packaged function in all available formats. But not every rare format offers also the security that no one can read this except a user of PeaZip. Therefore, you can set up security technical hurdles to generate encrypted archives. In addition to the generation of a password, it is possible to link the archive with a keyfile. Only if this keyfile does exist, can unpack the archive and is usable for others.

In addition to the high safety standards and the variety of editable archive forms, PeaZip offers also some surprises. You can both individually adapt skin as the user interface to your desktop, or create interesting contrasts, quite as you want. Who wanted to take advantage of ever many functions for an archiving program or the monotonous appearance of commercially available RAR and ZIP archiver enough, for the PeaZip offers a really good alternative. Particularly with regard to the freeware status of the software which you will rarely find a programme with these settings and the innovative and modern user surface appearance.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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