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PdfGrabber 6.0 supports the professional conversion of PDF to an editable format.



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Thus, works of PdfGrabber 6.0 in both directions and allows a comfortable work with PDF files. Creating PDF files via the integration of a printer driver. With this, you can create a PDF with PdfGrabber 6.0 from any printable application. Thus, you can create a document that not everyone can immediately change. On the other hand you can with the PdfGrabber read 6.0 PDF files and convert to the format you want. The PdfGrabber called 6.0 Home Basic version supported in Microsoft Word and ASCII text processing formats. Then, you can create a PDF from the edited version again, and all this with an application. This shows the difference to other applications, which can create both PDF files via a printer driver, but edit PDF files.

In the standard version of PdfGrabber 6.0 you can further process then read a PDF in many more formats. In addition to the word processor, then also the spreadsheet program is supported by Microsoft Office, and the individual images from the PDF export is also possible. To do this, has an editor with which you can select the desired range of PDF and cut out the PdfGrabber 6.0 in the standard version. Also a conversion to HTML is possible with the standard version.

Yet one step further is the PdfGrabber professional version 6.0. Pages of the Microsoft Office suite is the presentation program PowerPoint, and also the conversion to XML or AutoCAD files with the format DXF is possible with the professional version of PdfGrabber 6.0. Therefore, drawings from PDF files can be read and processed. PdfGrabber 6.0 supported also the acquisition of layers from PDF files.

PdfGrabber 6.0 features:

• Converting PDF to an editable format
• new version supports Windows 7 and Office 2007
• Support a variety of editing formats
• 3 different versions available
• Demo versions for testing
• for Windows 95b, Microsoft Office from Office 2000

About the PdfGrabber 6.0:

The PdfGrabber is a software of the Bremer PixelPlanet GmbH. PdfGrabber 6.0 is just one of the applications, which revolves around the creation of documents. Since 1996, the company develops its software solutions, of which some have been patented. The developments are based on program modules, allowing for new developments can be used on already existing knowledge.

Description of the version: PdfGrabber

The current version of PdfGrabber can come up with some very useful new features. This software provides a professional equipment for casting and editing functions. PDF files you can completely or only a selected area of them convert to other popular formats. You have also the possibility to edit the PDF files created with an editor and rewrite. It is now also possible to export PDFs for multi-user network licenses.

The most important innovations in the current version of PdfGrabber

• optimized support for PDF layers
• improved user interface by higher Innuitivität
• facilitates customized command line text rows
• new field Editor to select areas of the PDF

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