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The current PDFzuWord: Professional allows you a quick conversion from PDF files.



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PDF zu Word Professional

With the new PDFzuWord: Professional manage it without any problems, to convert PDF documents into editable Word documents. You know but also the problem that you will finally find them after a long search on the Internet and receives then merely a document not to edit. Earlier, tedious reading and formatting were needed to make something usable. With the new PDFzuWord: This the past belongs to professional. You can in future only with one click using the PDFzuWord: professional convert all PDF files into Word documents in a matter of seconds. All formatting, layout, graphics and font sizes are of course preserved.

Imagine that you need to prepare on a particular topic and spend hours researching on the Internet. Then you'll finally find it and get a PDF document on this topic. But it doesn't you, because you have to customize the document to your requirements, but can't edit it so don't. With the PDFzuWord: You can make now a viable Professional without more knowledge from your useless document. Download the PDF document easily and quickly in your new PDFzuWord: Professional, and with just one click, the program converts all necessary information in an editable document.

The new PDFzuWord: You can download here quickly and free of charge to professional, and also the installation is very easy. And you need to make not more stressful and time-consuming formatting in the future, if you copy a passage for passage of the PDF file in Word. As soon you have never edited a document such as with the current PDFzuWord: Professional. But just try it out and install the new PDFzuWord: Professional on your computer.

PDFzuWord: Professional at a glance:

• Converting PDF documents into editable documents
• very fast conversion
• Keeping all parameters of the document
• Converting even password-protected files
• no experience required
• user friendly interface

System requirements for the new PDFzuWord: professional

For the PDFzuWord: You need professional the operating system Microsoft Windows 2000, 98, me or XP, and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer should also have a memory of at least 16 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 2 megabytes. Otherwise, the new PDFzuWord provides: professional no special demands on your computer, except of course that you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF documents.

Description of the version: PDF zu Word Professional

With PDF to Word professional, you get a professional tool to make an editable text from a PDF document. The current version converts the entire PDF with just one click in an editable RTF version, with all formatting and graphics are preserved, and you therefore an accurate image of the PDF file will get. The software is very easy to use and requires no prior knowledge.

Features of the current version 1.0 PDF to Word professional

• Converting PDF to editable text
• Preserved formatting and graphics
• No experience required
• PDF is converted with only 1 click

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