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Pdf2Word 3.0 offers you easy to convert PDF files to Word format without any loss of layout.



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PDF to Word

With the Pdf2Word 3.0 can you continue to use your PDF files, by reading in Word format. You can then edit the word files in RTF or in the DOC file type. The advantage of the software is the complete preservation of the layout. You must therefore not only again painstakingly create formatting in the text, but can start directly with the improvements or other changes. The software Pdf2Word 3.0 stands for itself. You need no more programs, not even Acrobat Reader or Word to run the program. However, you should be for further editing in the location, open the word files, too. Pdf2Word 3.0 offers you also have a lot of additional functions. You can convert multiple PDF files at once in Word format, Pdf2Word 3.0 does it for you in no time.

Pdf2Word 3.0 also has a command line processing. You can either manually use or work in scripts for use on the Web so the program. The program resizes only page during the conversion in Word format, so she fit directly in the format provided by Word. Pdf2Word 3.0 is very easy to use by using the convenient interface. Converting PDF files you in the Pdf2Word 3.0 not difficult: you can drag the files a trade way drag and drop in the box, and they are automatically converted for you. The latest PDF file types are also supported in the version 1.8, used as an Acrobat Reader version 9.0. You have to take not even all the graphics in the created Word document, which plug into the PDF file. The software allows you to delete individual images. Pdf2Word 3.0 is an ideal program to subsequently edit PDF files.

You can here download Pdf2Word 3.0 free for us. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of Pdf2Word 3.0:

• Convert PDF files to Word format.
• Set several files to convert.
• Use the software without any additional software.
• Get Word DOC or RTF files.
• Edit PDF files in Word without any loss of layout.
• Delete unneeded pictures from the file.

The development history of Pdf2Word 3.0:

The software Pdf2Word 3.0 has been programmed by the developers at, Inc.. The goal was to give a free way to edit the PDF files privately. In the current version, is the program up to date, and is constantly evolving.

Description of the version: PDF to Word

The PDF to Word Converter exports PDF files with all conceivable content such as graphics, photos, or text in practical Word files (optional RTF or Word format) without having the corresponding full versions of Microsoft or Adobe installed you. The new version of the PDF-to-Word converter you now either over 17 different languages as the program interface offers, for example, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and many more.

The PDF to Word converter eliminates the full versions

• Support the RTF and Word formats
• Over 17 languages implemented
• No text boxes more on PDF conversions in Word files

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