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  • Windows 1.1.2

PDF Blender is a Windows tool to merge multiple PDF files.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

PDF Blender

PDF Blender is used to merge multiple PDF files into one. With the default programs this is not possible fully completed, with the PDF Blender is this operation in a few seconds.

The PDF is a simple as well as useful tool blender. With this program, you can merge multiple PDF files. You choose only the files with the PDF to Blender, specify an order, give them a name, and already the PDF seamlessly together all files blender. The user interface of the program is clear and self-explanatory. It consists of three menu items. The first point is "File", next is the point "Edit" and then comes the "help". After selecting the menu item, the source files appear file.

Thus, you have an overview of all PDF files selected by you, that you want to merge. This list, you can easily extend or shorten again. Four buttons are located right next to the box of the source files. These buttons, you can add files or entferntst them. Add gives you the opportunity to browse the whole PC for the desired file. Also, there are more buttons, to get on the list further upwards or downwards. Under the source files, and these four buttons, you'll find the issue. Here, you specify the output directory and the output file you want to associate your merged PDFs. At the bottom, you can then check the settings and edit, and then finally to start the process. After a few seconds you have your finished PDF file.

The program PDF Blender has a file size of 585.1 KByte and is me, 95 for the operating systems Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP. The program language is German.

Description of the version: PDF Blender

The current version of PDF Blender has a very simple interface. Immediately after the opening, you have insight in all functions. With just a few commands, you can put together as a list of files that you want to merge. The version 1.1.2 is very fast and requires only a few seconds for the process. You can assign a path and name to the end of files so that you can make a map before you create. This makes it easier to find and sort the files.

The features of the current version of PDF Blender

• Very small file size
• Nor merging multiple files faster
• Assignment of names and paths possible
• Self-explaining and clear user interface
• It is also possible to convert Word to PDF

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