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With PCMark05, you easily find which components slow down your system.



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PCMark05 is the most popular benchmark program on the market. By means of hardware-hungry tests it brings your computer to its limits and shows you your system vulnerabilities.

With PCMark05, you can test how well your computer under maximum load copes. Before the first test, you should check whether current versions of Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Media Encoder and direct X installed. Then you go already. The operation is simple: A simple click on the benchmark button is enough and the process will start. By means of eleven very resource-intensive tests, PCMark05 tests various components in your system. 2D and 3D graphics performance and the performance of the processor will be tested. In addition, the speed of the hard drive under the magnifying glass will be. Also compression audio and video conversions are typical for the normal PC everyday. Therefore, PCMark05 simulates such applications. If you're testing a desktop PC, notebook, or NetBook, plays no role in PCMark05. The software is suitable for all systems.

All the tests are completed, you will receive a score that reflects the performance value of your system. In addition you can look at the performance of your computer in the individual tests. PCMark05 also gives you information about how well the individual components interact. So you can draw direct conclusions to which components are the slowest and may need to be replaced. Ideally you save a lot of money. As with the tips of PCMark05 you do back for everyday-use your system without having to buy a whole new computer. Rated PCMark05, for example, the video card as the weakest component, it enough usually replace only these, so that the system runs smoothly again.

Description of the version: PCMark05

The new version of PCMark05 features an optimized hardware detection. So, the program ensures that even the latest devices, especially graphics cards and processors, are recognized by PCMark05. An update, your previous tests remain unaffected. This means that also benchmarks, which were carried out after the update, are similar to those before the update. In addition, the developers program crashes have been fixed, mainly occurred in Windows Vista. Also the start of the program works now much faster.

Key new features of PCMark05 v1. 2.0-v02/10

• Optimized hardware detection - even the latest graphics cards and processors are supported
• Fixes crashes under Windows Vista
• Accelerated starting of the program
• Minor bug fixes

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