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PC Wizard 2010 you analyze your complete system from memory to the hard disk.



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PC Wizard 2010

The analysis software PC Wizard 2010 is used to check your PC and show you which are deprecated components or drivers and should be replaced in order to be able to get the best performance from the system.

PC Wizard 2010 is an analysis tool you can use to thoroughly check all important functions of your computer. The installed components are tested by PC Wizard 2010 on heart and kidney - main processor, memory, graphics card, motherboard and hard disk can be checked in. The performance of your CD/DVD drive takes the program as scrutinized as the performance of removable media, Flash drives and MP3 compression performance. Another useful feature is the display of the temperature of the system: as you can see, if the heat of the processor or the internal hard drives reached critical levels.

With the built-in benchmark tests check comfortably, how efficiently your system really is. It may be worth, for example, if you're thinking about buying new hardware – with the test results of PC Wizard 2010 you see at a glance which components should be replaced, in order to optimize the system. Another useful feature offers PC Wizard you 2010 with the analysis of your device drivers - so you realize whether you are on the last stand or can eliminate any sources of problems with newer drivers.

The graphical user interface is easy to use, the hardware components are displayed as icons, and can be verified by you with a mouse click. The results of the test appear clearly arranged in the neighbouring window. The developers make every effort to update the PC Wizard 2010 - usually appear updates in the monthly rhythm.

Description of the version: PC Wizard 2010

PC Wizard 2010 was on the version v1. 961 updated to provide you with even more functionality. The list of supported hardware components has been expanded with many models - in particular the support for Intel processors has been greatly expanded, but also new graphics cards and motherboards have been added. At the same time, support for several existing equipment has been revised and optimized. Download this update to be at the next system analysis up to date.

The new features of the PC Wizard 2010 v1. 961 in the overview

• List of supported hardware components was greatly expanded.
• Support for a wide range of Intel processors
• New graphics cards and motherboards of various manufacturers are supported
• Support of existing equipment has been improved

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