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Patience is a version of a download of related Kartenlegespiele.



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A great card game against boredom.

Solitaire is based on the version 2.00. From this, the Solitaire is by the program update25.exe. Conversely, you can make also a full download of v 2.51 Patience.exe, this one needs 5.51 MB of disk space on your computer. It obtained over 200 games, which are not new to anyone who sets card solitaires, downloading of patience. The well-known matching Solitaire is available in different variants, for example the only black cards-based Spider Solitaire, the applying always new to the target has, to roll up as many stacks of cards. That you must retrieve new rows of cards, it is not easy to get prepared, stacked by the King to the ACE package and to carry away upwards. Also the well-known FreeCell known already from the previous version is back with patience. Here, you have to try the cards - all colors of cards are available - so arranged, that in the right upper line the four suits ascending category by the ACE. There the different rows by moving must be prepared as long as, until you can move the entire series upwards.

All these of the Solitaire games running under Windows. In the new version of Solitaire, you can move the cards on new species and mix. All game-related new details appear in patience. The scoring is redesigned.

There are no pop-ups or advertising. You can play the patience, so also all included games, any number of times. All cards can be designed both the front as also regards the back, individually. There is even a photo of creator, which allows you to build your own photos in the patience and thus to make the cards. The application of patience is very simple and follows strict rules, which are represented in detail in the help tab of patience.

For more information:

• requires Windows XP and Vista
• 16 bit graphics only needs
• 32 bit graphics recommended
Resolution 800 X 600 is sufficient •
• 1200 x 1024 recommended
• Point system can be modified now

Development of the games:

The games included with Windows-so for example-FreeCell - have undergone a significant development. It was announced by Windows 95 and now has significant progress in the fact that unlimited move take back are possible in Vista. You can learn so - in Solitaire - from the mistakes you made, and you can make them so to speak back. So, the games contained in patience for the single player among the players in the Internet will remain always interesting.

Description of the version: Patience

The new version of Solitaire offers a number of improvements and changes. The auto-move is new option, which makes it even easier and more comfortable to play each of the games for you. The animations, sound effects, and the inspector have been revised and improved, and the point system can be now you even as players changed and adapted to your needs. In each game, you can undo an unlimited number of trains or repeat.

Changes and updates to Solitaire v2. 51

• new auto move function for easier operation
• improved animations and maps movements
• revised and improved information panel
• Point system can be changed by the player
• new sound effects
• Fixed several bugs with mouse clicks

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