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With the passport photo, passport photos can be created, cut and then printed.



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Passport Photo

To create and cut to passport photos.

The creation of the own passport photos is very easy with the passport photo. The advantage of this is that you can always use the generated photos. First, you choose a suitable template for the passport photo. The face should be well definitely and clearly visible. Then you can choose the sizes of passport photos. The correct settings for standard photos in European countries are included in the passport photo. Also meet the requirements for biometric passports passport photo. The photo, you can still rotate and crop. With the selected size the crop window changes automatically in the passport photo. You have to drag it over the desired face and check the size. To get a possible good Passport picture, you should take that full face from the front with open eyes is apparent. Also the entire head from the shoulders should be well cleared out. With these important principles, the creation of a good passport photo template shouldn't be a problem.

The images in the passport photo are automatically mapped for printing. You can simply save the file, to print them in a copy shop, for example. You can always print out the photo file on all sizes of paper. The features in the passport photo for the issue are either "Print now" or 'Save print file'. The resulting JPEG file is already tiled in the right size. At home, you can print the images with a high-quality printer and thicker paper.

The temporal unlimited trial version of passport photo you can download for free here. The images in the trial version of passport photo are equipped only with a watermark. With the purchase of the full version and a simple activation, you may remove this again.

The main features of passport photo:

• Create passport photos with the correct size for the card or driving licence.
• Create JPEG files for use at home or in the copy shop printing.
• Choose the right size, and to crop the photo.
• Allow auto-arrange the passport photos.
• Work at home without visiting the passport photo store.
• Create as many passports as you want.

The emergence of passport photo:

The passport-photo program was developed by the American company OnTheGoSoft and now running version 2.1.1 as buyable shareware product. The idea behind passport photo was to create an easy-to-use program with the home your own passport pictures can make.

Description of the version: Passport Photo

With the latest version of passport photo the bad images from the passport photo booths are past: with this easy-to-use software, you can create fast valid passport photos for the licence, the identification or social security documents. Easy and convenient from home! You will save not only time, but also money: for the price of a "conventional" passport photos, the program creates as many images you. Try the trial version now!

Here the most important features and stats from passport photo:

• Free trial
• Saves time and money
• Create JPEG files
• Create valid passport photos with all authorities
• Requirements: Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/Win7 64 MB RAM 10 MB of disk space on the hard disk

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