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With the free software passport photo you can print your own passport pictures Manager.



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Passfoto Manager

The free software Passport Photo Manager is checked for viruses and online get the German version, which is suitable for different operating systems: such as for Win 98, win 2000, win me and win XP.

The passport photo after downloading Manager offers many advantages for you, because with this freeware you will save lots of time and money, when you put together your application documents, for example. The manufacturer is NoSpy software lab, and you should keep a space of 996,2 kilobytes free before downloading.

You need immediately current passport photos in large numbers, you can create the sheets in A4 format with maximum 30 passport photos Manager with the passport photo. For example the image formats, the software supports JPG, GIF and PNG. Where the output size of the photos is not changeable. Then you can print the images depending on the intended use on photo paper with equivalent quality. The handling of the software Passport Photo Manager is completely straightforward and easy. Online you will find also some customer reviews or testimonials apart from instructions, numerous tips and additional information. You need only your selected digital photo to load into the program and already it is created as an analog photograph in desired quantities. Is recommended but, in any case to make sure that your photo in the correct size exists, because otherwise it is unintentionally distorted, for example in the width. The ratio of passport photo and original should be 7: 9, which means the size be 35 mm x 45 mm.

You need to print out just a little time to cut out the pictures and that's all. Now, you can use the completed passport photos needed for your application or other documents.

Description of the version: Passfoto Manager

After this current software version of the passport photo free download manager you can create from now on quickly and easily your passport photos. You should take only, that is your original photo in the right size, so that does not distort the photos. The Passport Photo Manager supports such as the image formats JPG, GIF and PNG. The passport photos are printed on A4 sheets with maximum 30 photos and high-quality photo paper you should use depending on the use.

More information for the software Passport Photo Manager

• Freeware
• German
• suitable for example for Win 98, win 2000, win XP and win me
• Size: 0.99 MB
• Is a manufacturer NoSpy Software Lab

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