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With the Passport picture generator you can create great passport photos right on your computer.



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Passbild Generator

With the passport photo generator, it is finally possible: creating standard passport photos on your home computer. With just a few mouse clicks, edit, and save you professional passport photos for a variety of purposes.

Passport photos are required for a variety of occasions. Now you can save finally give directions to the photographer or the machines you for it, because professional passport photos directly on their home PC can pass Image Builder create, save and edit any. Each portrait existing on your computer can be converted with the great software in a passport photo, you can use then for applications or even your identity card.

The pass pattern generator distinguished by ease of use: After the opening of the image options available to stand in a beautifully designed bar. So, you can bring the picture of your choice by clicking on the correct size. In the same way it can rotate or zoom and the brightness and the contrast can be adapted easily. Also lay people create professional passport photos within a very short time. The image can be either printed out or saved as a JPG. It is later for further processing available.

To be able to use the pass pattern generator, your computer should have on a Windows operating system between Win 98 and win 7. 500 KB of space must be also available. The software is available as a download for free. To ensure optimal use of the Passport image generator, you need to have Framework 2.0 on your PC .NET installed. After installation has been completed you go immediately to create and edit passport photos - with results as by the professional.

Description of the version: Passbild Generator

The latest version of the passport photo Builder lets you create faster great passport photos right on your PC. A still clearer interface allows an even easier editing of the portraits – also for laymen, it's possible to create passport photos of the photographers. With just a few mouse clicks you can crop the pictures your choice in a professional manner and then for applications or your identity card. The new passport photo generator delivers optimal results.

The new passport photo Builder 3.5 at a glance:

• Still easier operation for more editing fun
• Also for lay people is easy to use
• Save as JPG for later edits
• Free download
• Manual cropping is now also possible
•More and more professional results

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