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Passage 3 Christmas edition is an exciting puzzle with simple rules, which brings lots of fun.



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The passage of 3 Christmas edition shortened you, your friends and family the long wait until the Christmas present. To get into the Christmas spirit, the passage 3 Christmas edition has a wintry graphics in the background. The tiles are decorated with Christmas motifs, and during the game you can hear Christmas music. The passage 3 Christmas edition is provided free of charge you. Thus, you can download a first Christmas present on the computer and start playing immediately. When playing passage 3 Christmas Edition does not require that long to read through manuals, because there are only a few basic rules, which are likely to be already known to you. Basically it comes when the passage 3 Christmas edition: you need to create new stones on the tiles that are already on the game board. You have to match but in color or symbol all adjacent tiles. Stones of any other color can be attached to gray stones, however. If you then fully have a number in the vertical or horizontal direction Christmas edition on the Board of the passage 3, the stones disappear and there are points. The stones appear and be placed on the field with a mouse click.

Playing with the passage 3 Christmas edition is not always as easy as it sounds. More stones are on the Board, the more difficult it is to add new stones. If the row is full, you will reach into the next stage of the game. You get extra points if you put on the tiles very quickly while at a failed attempt points be removed from you. A game lasts 45 minutes.

The Christmas passage 3 Christmas edition reminds of the dominoes and stands you as free freeware available.

Other passage 3 Christmas edition features:

• free download
• Christmas Graphics and game pieces
• simple rules
• Board game and logic puzzle
• immediate start of the game after the download possible
• Sound card recommended

System requirements for passage 3 Christmas edition

The passage is offered as freeware by Gekko software 3 Christmas edition. The passage of 3 Christmas Edition requires the Windows operating system WIN 95,98, ME, 2000, XP or NT. You should have a minimum of 32 megabytes of memory and a disk space on your hard drive of 30 megabytes. A sound card is recommended.

Description of the version: Passage

With the passage of 3 Christmas edition, you can play the well-known puzzle game also a Christmas backdrop. Both the background and the symbols that you need to aneinandelegen to gain points, are wintry. So you can boost the mood on the days around Christmas. The rules and point allocations are the same, as you know it from the other arcade games.

The specifics of the passage of 3 Christmas edition

• Fir-tree branches and Santa Claus decorate the game environment
• a Christmas wallpaper, where you play
• sort Glockensysmbole, baubles and other Christmas images
• the rules remain the same

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