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The partitioning of your hard drive is easy thanks to the features of Partition Wizard Home Edition.



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Partition Wizard Home Edition

Wizard Home Edition is exactly the proper tool, the partition when it comes to partitioning of hard drives. With its help, you can share your hard drive new simple way.

If even your hard drive in the computer housing again once felt making and slowly expires the work when copying and moving files, it's time for the partition Wizard Home Edition maybe. It helps you to partition your hard drive and improve so their speed of work. Even if you are a layman in the field, you can simply solve such tasks in just a few steps by using this tool. The partition Wizard Home Edition once try out and let them surprise you what power really is in your system.

The partition Wizard Home Edition is a handy tool with a high functionality that is nevertheless thanks to a simple interface simple and intuitive to use. You can create new partitions with this in just a few minutes, combine old partitions and clone existing drives. You don't have by the way, don't be afraid of the new allocation of your hard drive, because Wizard Home Edition receives your old data of the partition and make them accessible on the new partitions. The configuration of the hard drive has never been so easy!

The developers of Partition Wizard Home Edition
The partition Wizard Home Edition is available for you free of charge and can be downloaded immediately. For the development of the programmers of MT responsible solution is, which already can look back on many years of relevant experience in the field of software programming and were involved in many other projects in the past.

Description of the version: Partition Wizard Home Edition

The new partition Wizard Home Edition 5.2 version easier the work of dividing your hard disk more than earlier. The program is now fully compatible with the new Windows 7 operating system, and also with its 64-bit variant. You can at any time easily redistribute your hard drive now on your modern operating system and increase the working speed. In addition, the user interface has been simplified further, the operation is now even easier.

The new partition Wizard Home Edition is intuitive to operate.

• Multiple partitions can be merged to a single
• It can create bootable USB sticks
• Are extensions of partitions without system restart

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