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With the partition Manager 10 personal can you your hard drive quickly divided into partitions.



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Partition Manager Personal

With the partition Manager 10 personal can you not lose the overview on a large hard drive. The partition Manager 10 staff your hard disk is divided into small partitions. These small partitions are called virtual disks. Thus, you can use for example a drive for photos or a drive for Windows. The partition Manager 10 staff ensures greater security and order on your computer. Because your hard drive is larger, this Division is even more important. Each furnished partition can you use the partition at any time move personnel Manager 10 or change. The partition Manager 10 staff can arrange your data with different optimization strategies, i.e., the data cannot be mapped by file size or date.

The user interface as well as the wizard of the partition Manager 10 staff help you in setting up the partitions. In addition, you have the possibility to control your entire work processes. If you don't like the style partitions, you can with the Backup Wizard of partition Manager 10 staff to restore the original state. Or if you accidentally delete a partition, the partition Manager 10 staff this fast restore. The existing boot manager in the partition Manager 10 staff can you easily enable or disable. With this boot manager, you can set up a multiboot environment.

The partition Manager 10 staff has a built-in backup function. With this function, you can create a backup at any time. Also is an easy to use Recovery Wizard. This helps you to restore individual data from the backup. With the rescue disk Configurator, you can create a bootable media. In the case of a Betriebssystemsausfalls, this medium can be used to start your computer. The partition Manager 10 staff has a MBR program, i.e. master boot record. Hereby you can overwrite a boot code in the MBR. This override will help you run a boot code. Faulty boot code can be caused for example by a virus on your computer.

Features of partition Manager 10 staff

• Create partitions
• Delete partitions
• Restore partitions
• Format partitions
• Backup Assistant
• Boot Manager

Information about the company Paragon

The company Paragon Software Group founded in 1194, has its seat in Freiburg. Here, effective solutions for hard disk administration, storage management and data backups are developed for individual computers and corporate networks.

Description of the version: Partition Manager Personal

The current version of the partition manager staff can come up with a whole range of useful new features. You have now, for example the ability to perform a partition during operation in the express mode. In addition, you can now hide your created partitions or simply inactive switch. It is also new that you also can defragment a partition, so that you don't have to purchase separate software not.

The new features of the latest version of partition manager personal

• Defragmentation of partitions
• Change the drive label
• Inactivation of partitions
• Restore individual files from backup
• The partition manager can be installed new operating system

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