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Parents friend is an easy-to-use tool to monitor the use of programs.



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Parents Friend

Who allows his child access to the Internet than parents, wishing that the bad press a child is protected. Parents friend is your solution, because you may have with parents friend block websites by filter lists. Here you can either create these lists with terms itself or uses a supplied list of four by parents friend. The predefined lists from pornography, system procedures, protect downloads with the browser, as well as program installations. The headers of the Web site and the programs are compared with the CRL for applications and Web pages. Parents friend finds a match, an execution is prevented.

But parents friend can much more than just Web sites to block. About parents friend, you can protect, for example, the access to certain Web pages, programs, or settings of the PC through a password. Can not run the desired program without a password. While different users with different profiles can be created in parents friend. Users can get depending on their age or their function therefore access to other programs or Web pages. Still you can protect the desktop from changes, so, for example, only certain programs on the desktop display and protect them against changes. A useful feature for any publicly accessible PC.

For programs that may be carried out though, but not too long to be used, you can set time limits with parents friend. This can be specified as both a time limit per day time limit per week. Your kids are so more than 1 hour per day on the Internet, you can limit the time for the browser for the user profile. And for certain days you can also block the implementation of the programmes. But most just try it and parents friend download by clicking Download here from our Web site.

Features of parents friend:

• Security software
• Monitors Web sites and programs
• Blocking of pages for keywords
• CRL itself creatable
• Free freeware for private use
• For Win 98, 2000, me, XP

About parents friend

Parents friend is a development by Rüdiger Stolpe and resides in the distribution of Lunasoft. The Lunasoft aims to increase the PC - and user safety through meaningful programs. For home users, the programs are either free free or inexpensive shareware.

Description of the version: Parents Friend

Parents friend in the latest version offers you a now a KontrollCenter with which you can change the settings of parents friend even in the absence of home to give your children for example, more time for the research on homework. Still, the basic functions have been improved so that you now even better can limit access to Web pages through the block list as well the time that spend your children before the PC.

Parents friend features in the current version of 8.0.52

• new KontrollCenter to remote access
• improved control and limitation periods, the PC users spend
• updated filter lists with blocking words for Internet access

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