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With the paper Label Maker you can create without any prior knowledge, labels and business cards.



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Paper Label Maker

The paper Label Maker can be versatile. To make your own business cards, the program will be you a valuable help. There are several card formats available.

Paper Label Maker offers you the selection as a template. You choose the appropriate format and your mind, what text you want to print the paper Label Maker on your business card. Of course, you can paste any kind of graphic icon or photo on your card. However, he accepted paper Label Maker only image files in BMP format. If the template designed by you does meet your needs, you should first save them for later reuse. Then you put a bow with business cards in the format you have selected in your printer and place the print order the paper Label Maker. If you're not sure whether the arrangement of cards with the print corresponds, of course you can print out the product from the paper Label Maker on a plain white sheet. You put this on the bow with the cards, you will correct may be a few settings. A similar approach as for the business cards will prescribe the paper Label Maker in label printing. First you select form and format of the label, then you specify how the to print on paper Label Maker this label. You can choose whether to print just one label or a whole sheet of labels. Here, too, whether you really have specified all settings in the paper Label Maker, can take place using a sample print on paper.

You can with the paper Label Maker both a grand sweep identical business cards or labels print out as a page with different layouts. Moving files in the drag -and-drop method does not work with this program however. You need to make your settings by using a form and a manual positioning. Because it grows quickly and there is no real problem in the application. You can choose free margins, font colors and sizes.

The functions of the paper Label Maker

• Individual design options
• Business card printing
• Label printing
• Integration of graphics in BMP format
• runs on all current Windows versions
• different layouts on a page

System requirements and download

The paper Label Maker easily runs on all current Windows operating systems. With a download size of 4.1 megabytes, it requires only a low free disk space. The program is available for free download.

Description of the version: Paper Label Maker

The new version of paper Label Maker gives you the simplified and improved the design and printing of labels and business cards. Creating and editing is still intuitive and brings you a professional result. Paste the text you want and graphics in the form for creating your label, and with the current version of paper Label Maker you can spend exactly this with ink-jet and laser printers.

Features in the current release of 1.16 paper Label Maker

• Intuitive creating labels and business cards
• More easily insert text and graphics
• Easy creation via a revised entry form
• Accurate printing on laser and inkjet printers

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