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Create with the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD your personal panorama in different views.



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With this software, you can create a large panoramic image in just a few minutes from different photos. After the creation of the panorama you can edit this according to your wishes.

If you are in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 want to create a panorama of STD, choose in the list of tools create a "new project". In the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD are the panorama creation project called. Projects can be at any time saved and reloaded. A selection of different types of project's startup program available. After you select for a new project in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD have confirmed you can upload button import from the toolbar the desired photos. Another option would be the drag-and drop the photo with your mouse to drag function, i.e. pull the photos directly from the objective in the project. If you want photos in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD you imported, you're able to edit the photos. Here, you can change the order and the position of the image. You can choose between the functions, reverse order, photos arranged, turn, move, crop, delete and change the photo size. If you've accidentally deleted photos, they can be restored at any time.

For perspective, as well as the calculation of the panorama it is necessary in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 h to adjust the horizon. To do this, move the red marker lines or percentage enter the location in the dialog box. The lenses feature in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD can you correct the brightness drop of the photos to the edge. In the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD you can find the function projection. Here you can choose between cylindrical projection and spherical projection. The cylindrical projection displays your photos in the form of a rolled-out cylinder spherical project in the form of a ball rolled-up. With the hotspot feature in the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD can you an any surface in your photos an action map. A URL of containing hotspots make a shortcut to a Web address. If you then click on the selected area with the mouse, the linked Web page is displayed.

Features of the PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD

• Creation of wide angle and 360° - panoramas
• Filters for manipulating image color
• Manual correction options
• Lens function
• Projection
• Poster printing function

The developer of PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD

Developed the program of PanoramaStudio v2. 0 hours from the Tobias case almond company software development headquartered in Sulzfeld. On the company's homepage can different versions of the program of PanoramaStudio v2. 0 STD be purchased.

Description of the version: PanoramaStudio

The new version of PanoramaStudio can you convince with a whole range of improved and integrated features. The interactive 3D-Panorama-Bilder now allow you a seamless and pure pixel zoom. In addition, the optimal calculation of the panoramic image alignment requires now significantly lower time stress and at the same time less processor speed of your computer. The camera database was expanded by 200 camera models, so that an automatic device detection is always guaranteed and simplifies the handling.

The most important innovations in the current version of PanoramaStudio.

• Optimized calculation of alignment angle
• Improved 3D panoramic display
• Enhanced RAW import
• Professional post-processing
• Clear and simple user interface
• Automatic focal length, lens distortion correction

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