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Panda global protection 2010 offers you comprehensive protection for your computer and all the data.



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Panda Global Protection

Panda global protection 2010 provides a safe virus scanner and protects the data on your PC. But also a defense against of unauthorized access by third parties to your system is with Panda global protection 2010 no problem. Thereby, the program also very reliably protects you from online fraud and identity theft. Panda global 2010 prevents protection emails and spam your email inbox from junk and control security, surf your children on the net to leave unless they get on pages, you also offers integrated feature parental are harmful to minors.

You can secure globally with Panda 2010 key data protection. This works both on CD or DVD as online on the net. Also the application was improved through the collective intelligence software global 2010 protection of Panda in its speed. The anti-malware protection in Panda global protection 2010 detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojans and all other possible attacks on your system. The program scans all emails before they reach your Inbox, and of course, the program checks all messages about all famous Messenger systems and all traffic on the Internet. While the program works independent of the browser. Panda global protection 2010 is able to analyze the behavior of programs that could possibly cause damage on your computer, in the background, and these then block. The integrated personal firewall in Panda global protection 2010 protects you against worms and unauthorized access by third parties.

The trial version of Panda global protection 2010 you can try out for free for 30 days. Then a paid registration on the website is necessary. After registration, you will receive an unlock code for the permanent use of the program by mail. Global 2010 now on your PC to install Panda protection, you just click on the "Download" button, and in a few minutes, the data on your computer are absolutely safe.

The features of Panda global protection 2010

• To prevent junk mail
• Detects spyware
• Protects against unauthorized access
• Provides protection against online fraud
• Protects against identity theft
• Scans all incoming mails

System requirements, download and activation

Panda global protection 2010 is compatible with all Web browsers. The program works with all popular Windows operating systems. A test version is you for free use within a time frame of 30 days available. After that, a paid registration is required. Simply email you receive the unlock code, as soon as your payment is received.

Description of the version: Panda Global Protection

The current version of the software from Panda global protection is waiting with some very useful new functions and features. Now, you have the ability to define your own full-featured and powerful network management to the monitoring of your personal files with this software. Even multimedia applications can contain hidden viruses and are increasingly tested immediately by the firewall and the virus guard. You can also encrypt your data professionally and virtually, and irretrievably destroy.

The new features of the latest version of Panda global protection.

• Integrated data encryption and optimized data destruction
• Revised identity protect feature and finer tuning of the firewall
• Possibility of application of own home network management

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