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Pamela Basic is an interesting program for all regular users of Skype with Pamela 4.5.



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Pamela Basic is an add-on for Skype. There is an answering machine and in addition has many interesting features for you. You can record calls, videos and chats, has an answering machine and a video mail. A Skype call transfer, mega emotion sounds, and a rich mood editor bring good mood while you care for your contacts. A built-in birthday reminder lets you forget any birthday. You're using Pamela basic able to make automated chat responses, can redirect your emails, personalize contacts and automatically start applications.

Pamela Basic program manages your conversations as well as it goes. That is not only simple, but also professional. Use the conversation Planner system, which allows you to remember important conversations among friends. Conference calls are also automatically start. Administrations are of course not only automatically, but you can also manually control it. Pamela Basic has significantly improved with Pamela 4.5 for you. A simplified audio configuration, a new user interface and improved video recordings make working more enjoyable with Pamela Basic. Also still Skype added 4.0 status icons, which you can use. You have integrated the possibility, with Pamela 4.5, in Pamela Basic, to import your records.

You can free download Pamela Basic. You need the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 for this program. The file size of Downloadprogrammes is 5.8 megabytes. You can download also Pamela 4.5 integrated with Pamela Basic. Because it is also freeware, you get this download for free.

Use the versatile features of Pamela basic

• Use basic of Pamela for Skype!
• Friends can leave a message for you.
• Allow your applications to start automatically.
• Redirect your emails.
• Wow your friends with mega emotion sounds!
• Record conversations as a reminder.

Interesting data on the manufacturers of Pamela basic

Dick Schiferli and Christoph Buenger the PAM-consult company founded in 2006. You have extensive experience with Skype and eBay and the well-known products, such as basic of Pamela for Skype, award for Skype, Pam-fax, Jaast, mceWeather, TapiRex and Pamela call recorder in life called. These products are distributed through a subsidiary. They offer various services besides the Pamela basic software program. These include application design, functional analysis and specification, or supporting Web solutions.

Description of the version: Pamela

Pamela is your super-combi to Skype! Pamela will record your calls and chats now in better audio sound quality. There are also more emoticons available, free setting and graphical changes in Skype. Use the new and improved system interface, customized voicemail, record video mails and emphasize your calls new music. Pamela reminds you now not only dates of birth and dates, but also upcoming calls. The new Pamela helps you further telephone conferences.

Pamela brings your Skype to a new dimension

• Now also reminiscent of upcoming calls
• With answering machine and new automatic chat responder
• More graphical and musical equipment
• Easier control and improved interface
• Still kongruenter to Skype

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