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A little multi talent turns the Paltalk Messenger out and offers many features.



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Paltalk offers you the most important and most common measuring Eng er protocols, Furthermore, however has some additional functions, such as 5,000 different chat channels, video transfers and a conferencing.

The Messenger p talk offers the most important characteristics of a Multimessengers in the broad guidelines. You can cover different your Messegingprotokolle with Paltalk. Paltalk supports ICQ, MSN, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and Google. So, you can combine all of your contacts from the various portals in a program and write to. You can set up the program, that as soon as you start Windows, also the program opens up and logs you directly at any desired instant messengers.

But that can also have the one or the other program. Paltalk goes further still and offers you many more interesting features. In the program, up to 5,000 chat channels available, which you can use free are you after registration. These channels are open to all and you can move freely there and talk with unknown people or meet directly new people. Another important feature of the programme is the video chat. You can transfer very easily and under the condition that your counterpart has the program, images from your webcam and the tone of your microphone. So can you see her live and talk to each other. Want you you at the same time talk more, this is no problem, because the program has a Conference mode that allows that up to eight participants can talk at the same time. However, there is that the free version is limited, because the transmission time is limited to 10 seconds here. However, all other functions are usable in full extent.

Description of the version: Paltalk

The Messenger p talk offers many features that are so unable to provide others. You will have access to thousands of video chat rooms where you can meet new people. Now you can entertain you at the same time with 10 people via video conference. In addition, the program supports all your principal measurement closely er protocols, such as MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google, Facebook and Yahoo Messenger. With this program it's easy to stay with your friends and acquaintances in contact and to meet new people.

Features and innovations of Paltalk, the Multimessenger

• Over 5,000 video chat rooms where you can entertain you
• Support the main Messenger protocols
• Video chat function
• Conference calls for up to 10 participants possible
• Many additional functions

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