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The new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 lets you edit all your images professionally.



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PaintShop Photo Pro

The new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 is a professional image editing software for every hobby photographer. In the future, you can do all your snapshots professional digital editing with the PaintShop Photo Pro X 3. Do you want to improve your new holiday pictures or the latest party photos or spice it up with funny sayings? With the current PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 should this be a problem more for you. With one click, you can watch the new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 download easily and quickly here. The installation is fully automatic and after a few minutes you can start already in your new career.

With the integrated X Express lab in the new PaintShop Photo Pro 3 you manage even the largest and most complex projects. Through the practical batch processing in the PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 can you edit several images at once. Surprise your friends with crisp sharp images of your last Safari or funny photos from the last party. Why don't you invite them to a slide night? You will be impressed by your professional photos. Each experience is through the new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 high-quality and permanently archived.

The current PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 leaves nothing to be desired. It has many new features and useful editing tools that will help you to manage your projects, to edit, to arrange and present. You can remove foggy and erase red-eye, blurred sequences again clear. Even old image files are with the new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 no problem for you. You can give new shine to your baby photos and your parents with reclaimed wedding pictures preparing a big surprise.

Innovation and optimization of current PaintShop Photo Pro X 3:

• RAW Editor
• Express laboratory
• Advanced editing tools
• HD videos and HD photos
• integrated projects
• Photo sharing

System requirements for the new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3

You need for the new PaintShop Photo Pro X 3 the operating system Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP and a processor with at least 1.5 gigahertz or better yet 2 gigahertz or higher. Your computer should have a memory of at least 1 gigabyte, better 2 gigabytes and a free disk space of at least 3 gigabytes. Your screen must have a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. You will also need still a Windows compatible DVD-ROM drive and an Internet connection for online features.

Description of the version: PaintShop Photo Pro

The new version of PaintShop Photo Pro can help with some very useful new features of professional image processing. In the new express lab you're focusing now also optimized tools available to you now for example the possibility to correct your images in a very short time. In addition you can now generate photo albums, cards and slideshows - in excellent quality. Also the HD editing is a tool that will convince you.

The most important innovations in the current version of PaintShop Photo Pro.

• Integrated batch processing to accepting changes on other photos
• Scaling of the photo without distortion
• Optimized digital workflow
• Revised photo management function with previews

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