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Easy graphics editing with all important functions - paint XP for Windows 7.



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Paint XP für Windows 7

The popular and easy graphics program MS paint comes back - with paint XP for Windows 7. Of course, it is equipped with all known functions and the tried and tested simple user interface.

You remember the good old MS paint? It was every version of Windows up to Windows Vista. Only with Windows 7 Microsoft has changed much on the paint version. But Microsoft seems to have a heart for nostalgic and has now brought out the old version with paint XP for Windows 7.

The paint tools are simple and yet very effective. There are for example a brush to free hand painting, a line function, a rectangle and a circle tool available to draw. In addition, it can be selected whether the circles and rectangles with color or not be filled. You want to remove something, you can use the Eraser tool with different widths. To select a specific color, it has an eyedropper tool, which you can click on a point. The color of this point is then set for the brush. Other features include the spray can, a Magnifier to enlarge the image section and a text input tool. Paint XP for Windows 7 of all sorts of possibilities gives you also to fine tune. So you can choose the color of your tool for example using a color palette, and for each tool, you can select different widths. Also diving, track, or rotate image snippets is one of the functions of the program.

The new paint also has all these features, but the new interface, which has been adapted to the modern style of Windows 7 provides in many users sometimes confusion and makes unclear the program. Therefore, the old look with paint XP for Windows 7 is brought back to your PC.

Description of the version: Paint XP für Windows 7

Many users can not very well cope with the new "Ribbon"interface of the new paint version of Windows 7. That's why Microsoft returns the old user interface with paint XP on your Windows 7 PC. The program can be used even parallel to the version included with Windows 7. All functions remain so of course you and you can change to desire and mood painting, graphics and of course erase, without having to work you only in the modern user interface of Windows 7.

Key features of paint XP for Windows 7

• All drawing tools are available
• "Specials": Zoom-fun, pipette, Eraser
• Color palette to adjust the color of the characters
• Can run parallel to the integrated paint
• Control with right and left mouse button possible

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