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Paint.NET: an image editing program with almost commercial qualities, free download.



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The free, improved version of Microsoft Paint. An alternative to expensive editing programs.Paint.NET is an ersklassiges program for photo editing and how GIMP absolutely free.

Image editing is essential for many activities on the computer. The own vacation pictures revise and optimize the graphic design presentations, Web pages, and photo montages for a gag or as a serious presentation, about need for image processing, for example, with Paint.NET

The software Paint.NET developed at the State University of Washington is an image editing program that is appropriate for the operating system Windows XP and higher versions and developed first with Microsoft.

It competes well with more expensive commercial products and has some interesting features, but still quite easy to use. Paint.NET has all tools necessary for you to image processing; an eyedropper, selection masks, pens and brushes are available, to alter photos. The course is registered and you can undo as many steps, where you can work on different levels. There are filters and paint tools available and you can directly import images from your digital camera or from other sources.

Despite this variety of features, it is very easy - even more intuitive - to use Paint.NET, which is not given in any image editing software. Paint.Net handles the PDN file format and also BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF and TGA. Use of plug-in the can other file formats are read and written, for example, PSD. Was written the program in c# and has a long history of development by students behind. It was awarded with the "Web user Gold Award 2006". Meanwhile, there are activities to publicise the program for Mac and Linux users, so far it runs only on Windows. Meanwhile, it is not open source application anymore, but only more freeware.

Description of the version: Paint.NET

The program paint.NET that has been set on the 06.03.2011, developed largely by students of at Washington State University offers you in its new version some new features: a new AERO interface for Vista and Windows 7. Of the other plug-in, write additional formats, and have read, such as PSD. Some bugs should have been removed and be more stable. Overall, the fault tolerance when saving should be enlarged. The variety of the features quite competes with commercial providers.

What is to keep in mind when using Paint.NET

• Only runs under Windows
• Requires the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.0
• No longer open source, but freeware
• 500 MHz CPU with SSE (recommended: 800 MHz or faster)
• Recommended is at least 512 MB RAM

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