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In Pacman, you will gain points level by level and need to go while the ghosts out of the way.



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This arcade classic never loses its topicality. Just like 1980 Pacman still ensures hours of fun: you collect as many points and let your opponent not too close to you.

So easy the game principle of Pacman is, it can tie one to the screen for hours. You play a little yellow character who accumulate points in a labyrinth ("eat") must be and it will be pursued by ghosts. In between time and again various other symbols appear like for example a cherry, which bring you extra points. Have you eaten up all points of the maze, you get a further maze further to the next level. Higher the level achieved, the game is faster and more clever your opponents behave, to keep you from the masters of the levels.

Control Pacman is easy using the four arrow keys. Depending on which direction you want to turn your character, hitting just up, down, left or right. Now, you must be faster than the four cute ghosts which constantly seek friends for life and every withdrawal a life when you touch one of them. If you get a great point however, you turn the tables: the ghosts change their colour and blue. Now, even on Ghost hunting, you can go and give your four chasers out of the way.

Pacman was released under the original title "puck man" already in the year 1980 by the Japanese software company Namco. It is considered the most famous arcade and video game of all time. The name of the game is derived from two words: on the one hand from the Japanese word for "eat" ("paku") and on the other hand the word "Puck", because the character looks like a yellow Eishcockey puck.

Description of the version: Pacman

This version of Pacman faithfully copied her role model and is therefore equally exciting and funny. She can be downloaded for free on the Internet and is only 42.4 KB large. To play the game, you need also the Macromedia Flash Player, which you can download but also free if you don't already have it. To start Pacman, you must pull only the downloaded file in the browser and off you go. German is the language of this small Flash games.

Some facts about this version of Pacman:

• Easy control using the arrow keys
• High fun and stress factor
• Macromedia Flash Player is required
• Language: German; Size: 42.4 KB
• Free for all operating systems

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