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The pacemaker Editor is a simple DJ mixing program for beginners and professionals.



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Pacemaker Editor

With the pacemaker Editor, are you going to the virtual DJ computer and mix your favorite songs to your taste. Therefore, any party with the right music can be celebrated and acts professionally.

The pacemaker editor brings together all the features of a normal DJ Console. You control songs according to your wishes and allow the pieces over each other, like a professional. Thus, each party with the right DJ can be to the success. The software supports all audio formats available, so the pacemaker Editor is an ALLROUNDER when dealing with music files. The operation of the program is quite simple and intuitive, you just play your favorite tracks and mix them by feel. Other effects are available, such as changing the beats per minute, so the playback speed.

The pacemaker editor changed the volume according to your wishes. In a playlist, you can set beforehand all the desired songs and give to the desired effects. So, have you not change constantly during the party, but can automatically play it all. A sample mix is the inexperienced DJs available, so you have no problem to get used to the operation and can get started immediately.

The software pacemaker editor has been developed with the idea to allow even novice professional mixing like with a DJ. Doing all kinds of effects available, which can be used freely available but also professionals. The sections of the individual effects are identified in the track with different colors, what reinforces the clarity and thus the operation is simple. You simply add the desired effects, and the party can take place.

Description of the version: Pacemaker Editor

The operation was expanded in the newest version of the pacemaker Editor. Even Mac users can now download the program and install it. Continue to the interface of the program has been revised and the graphic design makes the operation easier. For example, different colors added for the various effects, which are visible in the track. The program automatically takes over more functions, so you can adjust the beats per minute and the volume depending on the situation.

The most important functions in the pacemaker Editor 2.0.2

• The program is available for Mac users
• Graphical elements have been added to
• Colours for the different track effects
• More automatic functions in the program
• Control the beats per minute and the volume

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