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OxygenOffice Professional is an Office suite with additional clip art, templates, and fonts



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OxygenOffice Professional

OxygenOffice professional emerged from the Office suite OpenOffice. With OxygenOffice professional you will receive a complete Office package with additional templates, clipart, and fonts.

With OxygenOffice professional you get all known functions are included in OpenOffice. With "Writer", you can create all possible texts such as letters, documentation or articles. You're using "Calc" for spreadsheets, and create presentations with "Impress". You can create sketches and drawings with "Draw" and "Base" is an engine, with which you can create tables, forms, queries, and reports. You are using "Math" as the formula editor. You can customize the user interface, menus and icons according to your wishes. So that you can edit other document formats, you have a conversion wizard available. In addition, you can set keyboard shortcuts for faster processing. In OxygenOffice Professional is also an extensive collection of more than 3,400 of free photos and clip art. On the "Gallery" you can insert them in your documents. You have over 90 fonts available and will receive a large number of German-speaking document templates and additional documentation. With the tool "OOoWikipedia", you have the possibility to look up terms from the encyclopedia. With us you get OxygenOffice professional free of charge for download. The complete package is approximately 440 MB big, and you can install it in one operation.

The first version of OpenOffice has been published in May 2002. Several projects are based on, one of them is OxygenOffice professional. The creation is done by an international group of developers. Earlier versions are known under the name premium.

Description of the version: OxygenOffice Professional

The current version of OxygenOffice Professional offers you over 3,400 free cliparts and photos that you easily can take over from the 'Gallery' in your documents. Depending on the language version are numerous templates available. In addition to the German language version, you can choose among the other 17 languages. The tool "OOoWikipedia" gives you access to the free online encyclopedia. You have the choice between 90 different fonts. You can use the conversion wizard to convert alien document formats.

The current version of OxygenOffice professional in the version 3.2.1

• More than 3,400 free clipart and photos
• Large number of document templates
• 90 different fonts
• Additional documentation and tools
• Full Office suite
• 18 Language versions available

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