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OtsTurntables free is a powerful DJ software and it is completely free of charge.



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OtsTurntables free is a virtual mixing console, which you can use to perform the tasks of a real DJ on your computer. You have all the possibilities which would offer you also a mixer in real life with the software. You can scratch, change the tempo, make the pitch, allowing reverse play music and different mixes. You can mix MP3 sources, WAVs, CDs and the OTS own files. With OtsTurntables free you're guaranteed a DJ star at your next party.

OtsTurntables free offers you the ability to create automatic playlists of your CDs. You can create playlists, but also in those CDs, MP3s and WAVs are mixed. OtsTurntables free supports all popular audio formats, so that you'll not limited in your options. This also includes that OtsTurntables has free dynamic sound processor that automatically takes care of dynamic adjustments. If you may have now finally your hand from the volume control, your sources should be different according to mixed. The software assumes that all for you.

The scratching is OtsTurntables free easily. You just get on the platter with the mouse and move the mouse in a circular motion forward and backward. It will sound as well, when you have moved your hand on real vinyl. OtsTurntables free is so realistic that you will forget not to stand at the right Club to the mixer.

Other features of OtsTurntables free:

• Visual FX-integration
• Mixer effects
• Internet broadcasting
• Recording function
• Graphic equalizer
• SHOUTcast integration

The development of OtsTurntables free

OtsTurntables free is being developed by the software company of OTS Labs. The company is located in Queensland, Australia, and has additional offices in Stockholm, Sweden. OTS Labs is the provider of many successful software solutions for music for DJs, radio stations, restaurants, and for many other application areas. The program of OtsTurntables free was already 2003 published for the first time and enjoys to this day in the popular community. It speaking for the programmers, that only a few improvements had to be made to the original version. OtsTurntables free has from the outset been a mature piece of software.

Description of the version: OtsTurntables

OtsTurntables is the software for all professional DJs and people who want to become it. In the current version, the software supports now Windows 7. Thus, you can use the system under the new operating system to MP3 or WAV files on the screen virtually with a turntable to play and to create corresponding effects like scratching. Also a tempo adjustment and reverse play are possible.

Functions of OtsTurntables version 1.00.047

• Support for Windows 7
• Playback of MP3 and WAV files
• Change the playback speed
• Backward playback possible
• Scratching via templates or manually
• Creation of playlists

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