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Orga-nicer is a free organization with all important time functions.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


Business appointments or private birthdays, Orga-nicer is a true talent for organization and saves everything that is important to you. Thus, Orga-nicer is your virtual memory. Never forget birthdays and never again search for a password, this is the right partner Orga-nicer. The integrated function of note is one of the most important features of orga-nicer. You can choose from four backgrounds, and if you have typed the text, remains the note on the request in the foreground. You're the head free again for more important things.

Orga-nicer features a virtual calendar, where you can represent the settings in a year, as well as in a month or a day review. You have different passwords for different applications on your system? With Orga-nicer, that's no problem. You can store all your passwords safely in this program and immediately retrieve on request. The Adressenim - and export is very simple, so you can completely take over your existing address books to Orga-nicer. An export of your data on a USB stick allows the program without any problems. In addition to birthdays, you want to forget, the program displays immediately the age of the person concerned friends. You must no longer expect what birthday should be celebrated. Also you can customize your personal ToDo list you with Orga-nicer. Thus, you can optimize your workflow and will automatically reminds of registration of the program. You can decide with which sound and how long the program you want to alert on important tasks.

The program is available for download, free, as freeware on the Internet. At each restart the recommendation is displayed for 15 seconds, that the Pro version is available for purchase. If you want to try Orga-nicer, you have to click just the button "Download". Then follow the instructions on the screen and orga-nicer is ready for use within a few minutes, something stress-free to make your everyday life you.

The Orga-nicer and its functions

• Save all passwords
• Notes on request in the foreground
• Individual sound settings
• Personal ToDo list
• Data transfer on USB-stick
• Import and export of address files

System requirements and download

This freeware software download size is 3.4 MB and the download is running very quickly. Orga-nicer corresponds with the Windows operating systems Windows 2000 and Server 2003/2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Description of the version: Orga-Nicer

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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