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Orbitron enables a precise positioning by satellites, probes, and other outer space objects.



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Orbitron is a satellite tracking system, aimed primarily at amateur radio operators and users of satellite communication systems (some satellite phones). But also weather observers, astronomers and astrologers, UFO followers and other heaven's friends have their fun. Short, Orbitron makes visible, where is just what artificial suffer.

The software Orbitron shows the position of satellites and of the Sun and moon both in real time and in fast motion or at a time you want. Orbitron are satellites, probes, even the manned space stations and old rocket stages to choose from over 20,000. You can get info about the various satellites using Orbitron, regardless of whether civil or military used, whether it is research, weather and communications satellites. Orbitron refers to the latest information from the Internet and then projected orbit and location on a schematic map of the sky. You may look at the search results as a full screen, but also zoom and so certain celestial bodies more closely scrutinized. Some satellites are visible from Earth with the naked eye. You can find their data at Orbitron in an extra file.

Orbitron is a free card, which you can download for free with us. Just a click on the download button and then also you thanks to Orbitron belong to those who know exactly what is located at an altitude of a few kilometres above our heads.

Other features:

• Visualization options, such as the night mode
• Watch Guide to every single object
• Radar
• Various databases, such as cities around the world
• Search options for frequencies of certain satellite phone provider
• Real time mode

What is satellite tracking (for example with Orbitron) and why do you need it?

The first satellite was shot by the former Soviet Union (now Russia) into space on October 4, 1957 and stayed in orbit for 92 days. Today, countless objects are in orbit, their exact number is unknown. They are all between 150 and several thousand kilometres distance in Earth orbit. The possibility to determine its exact path and their site using a software like Orbitron, there is now little more than ten years. But why must they ever know where the satellites are exactly located? There are many different reasons. First of all, there are people, who are just curious and like to watch the sky. Then there's still radio amateurs and people, use the satellite phones. For this, a precise knowledge of the satellite orbits means better connections. And then you will find many people who deal with astronomy or Astrology business or hobby. All for all relevant information Orbitron.

Description of the version: Orbitron

If you count the Group of amateur astronomers, too, you should make you necessarily familiar with the functions of the new Orbitron. The software version 3.71 offers out all possibilities for satellite observation by your computer. The software is aimed also at you, if you want to make weather observations, you press as a ham radio operator or lookout for UFOs.

The main features of the new Orbitron

• Loading and track up to 20,000 satellites possible
• Full screen
• Synchronize PC clock over the Internet
• Satellite data over the Internet update
• Integrated Windows screen saver
• Advanced Überflug-and Iridium flares search engine

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