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Opera is the browser for sophisticated and makes your Internet experience even faster!



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Opera is a browser that is fast and good.

Opera has evolved from a research project of the Norwegian Telecommunications giant "Telenor" to a free software with exceptional performance characteristics. Especially its multi platform capability and its developer-friendly considered salient qualities of the browser in addition to his speed.

Opera is the browser for technophiles, because he is waiting with numerous innovations. With selectable speed optimization and its high safety standards, he has a lot to offer for recreational users such as professionals. Opera has become especially so successful because it runs on almost all major operating systems (including Windows, Linux and Mac OS), on mobile phones, smartphones and even the Nintendo DSi. You can access so different devices from a single user interface to the Internet, without having to to you. With the function "Opera link" bookmarks, notes, or toolbars can be between different devices, so the example, your PC and your Smartphone, easily synchronize. You want your own apps for the browser scripts? An integrated debugging tool Opera offers you with "Opera Dragonfly" for JavaScript, DOM and CSS, which also your network reliably maintain and monitor can be. Opera is not only a great browser, but gives you everything you need to customise it to your needs.

If you like it slightly easier, your Opera with a modify the many free widgets: from games to music player and messages – tools to weather forecasts is to have everything for your new browser and decorated with a few clicks of the mouse.

Some operational details of Opera:

• your own "Opera Turbo" technology to speed up Internet access
• can be used on almost all systems
• large amount of plug-in the available
• very developer friendly
• easy to synchronize
• free of charge

Interesting facts and prospects

Opera Software, the developers of this excellent browser now is a totally independent company and focused on the extension and improvement of Opera Software. With MyOpera the breakthrough but a new project: more than 5 million users can now share photos over the Internet community or blog. Particularly convenient: The community is linked to Facebook and Twitter. As experienced this online portal the best? Of course with the latest Opera browser!

Description of the version: Opera

In the new version of the Opera browser were fixed several bugs and vulnerabilities, but no new features integrated. For example, bugs have been fixed that when reloading a Web page to show not closing dialog messages you or could crash your browser. In terms of security were fixed several issues with JavaScript and security gaps, which could be used for spoofing attacks or cross-site-scripting attacks. Also the startup behavior of the browser has been improved and is now resource-saving.

The new Opera browser equips you for the Internet of tomorrow.

• Known causes of not lockable dialog messages and Browserabstürzen have been fixed
• Increase in safety when dealing with JavaScript
• Spoofing attacks and cross-site scripting attacks have been prevented

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