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A VPN is a virtual private network that can be set up with OpenVPN.



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Some improvements are included in the current version of TrueCrypt. Fixed an issue with a third-party disk drivers. Added hardware-accelerated AES to secure your data faster. Partitioned areas can now, whether 4096, 2048 or 1024 byte sector size on disk will be created. There is now a favourite choice for folders and certain drives, so that you can quickly find your data and encrypt or decrypt can.

• Partitioned can be stored independently the size of sector areas.
• Hardware-accelerated AES has been added
• A selection of Favorites has been added to the program
• Fixed an issue with disk drivers

Description of the version: OpenVPN

With the current version of the tool of OpenVPN, you can set up an encrypted network over a TLS connection. This encryption system, as well as a required authentication of the Subscriber ensures the security of the data transmitted. A VPN for companies with freelancers who do not work on the ground, or in universities is particularly useful. As a user, you will need a client to establish a connection. The version 2.1.3 is free. The download file size is 15.5 MByte. So far, there is the network tool only in English.

What is OpenVPN 2.1.3 and what can I do with a VPN?

• Setting up a virtual private network (virtual private network)
• Security by encryption with TLS
• Authentication of subscribers
• Participants can access via client on the network

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