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OpenOffice 3.2.0 includes creation of texts and presentations, and work with tables.



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OpenOffice is the free Office competition with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and everything else you need for your Office work.

OpenOffice offers you many possibilities: the software contains several programs, such as such as "writer", with which you can create not only texts and letters, but for example also labels and business cards. The program has important functions which are needed to the professional writing, such as such as inserting footnotes, manual page breaks and create detailed content and bibliographies.

With the program "Calc", another part of OpenOffice, you can create tables and calculations, manage and analyze, and use the over 450 calculation functions. The program of "Impress" you can for creating presentations use it customize the backgrounds of the slides and build animations also discretion. With the program "Draw" you are, for example, vector graphics, you can other documents created in OpenOffice, as such as tables or charts, embedding. The program "Base" OpenOffice offers numerous features to the creation and management of databases and "Math" you can write mathematical formulas. The freeware OpenOffice offers you also the possibility to convert files to other common file types so that there are no problems when you open the files in a program other than OpenOffice.

It is not difficult to download OpenOffice. Just click on the button "Download" – the installation wizard, which accompanies you step by step through the installation of OpenOffice on your PC tells you everything else.

Other features of OpenOffice:

• Save costs by downloading the freeware OpenOffice.
• No limits - OpenOffice is compatible with the operating systems Linux, MacOS and Windows.
• Letters, business cards, memos & v. m. you can create with "Writer".
• Use the practical features, such as spell checker, hyphenation and auto correction.
• Is the half life - create and manage databases with a "Base".
• Use one of the more than 80 languages.

History about OpenOffice

The success story of OpenOffice goes back on Marco Börries, who founded a company in 1984 in Lüneburg, which is concerned with the distribution of the program "Star Office". After the sale of this company to the company of Sun Microsystems and constant further development of the software, the program OpenOffice 1.0 was released on May 1, 2002. Until today, new versions of the program are equipped with new functions follow at irregular intervals. The version of OpenOffice for example has a significantly reduced startup speed compared to previous versions.

Description of the version: OpenOffice

The new version of the open source product OpenOffice provides numerous improvements in contrast to his predecessor for you. Popular programs like Calc and writer writing program launch in the current version almost twice as fast as in its predecessor. In the new version OpenOffice 3.2.0, compatibility with other programs was also improved so that the current version supports all current formats of the document and the individual software components better combine can be.

Changes and improvements in the 3.2.0 version OpenOffice

• Compatibility with all currently popular formats of document output
• Almost halved starting time of programs of Calc and writer
• Clear structure and modified design

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