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OpenedFilesView (32 bit) gives you a detailed overview of all open files.



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OpenedFilesView (32 Bit)

With OpenedFilesView (32 bit), you can control the background work of your computer and, if necessary, intervene if there is something wrong. The program will help you in solving problems and checks for suspicious files.

OpenedFilesView (32 bit) program, you can open all open files and get relevant information. It lists the used files and returns information about the storage path, different attributes or the process that led to the opening. In this way, you can uncover processes which will run in the background, and understand. The new OpenedFilesView (32 bit) allows a controlled work with your files and can be error messages such as "file can not be deleted is just used" help avoid.

In OpenedFilesView (32 bit), you can locate the appropriate file, see the programs, which are using them, and if necessary, close. But here, you should be careful because the closing of files can cause instability of the program, what sometimes has a system crash. OpenedFilesView (32 bit) you would like to keep the work of your computer at a glance and can intervene under certain circumstances if this is required.

For normal consumers, it represents a playful special equipment. If you but want to fix problems or improve the performance of your computer, then the OpenedFilesView (32 bit) can be very useful. Hereby, also suspicious files can be check and delete. OpenedFilesView (32 bit) breaking down worker processes and bring light into the "dark" your computer. Here you see all open files and can reproduce quickly and accurately, which programs have access to it. This allows you greater control over the processes on your computer.

Description of the version: OpenedFilesView (32 Bit)

With OpenedFilesView (32 bit), you can see hidden tasks on your computer and, if necessary, to intervene. You'll receive a concise list of all opened files and relevant information. Hereby you can check which processes have access to which files and thus speed up the deletion, if this is required. The program helps you but also suspicious files. These can be reviewed and deleted, if this is necessary. Also you can get information about the location of each file.

OpenedFilesView (32 bit) offers the following possibilities:

• Detailed list of all open programs
• Extensive information
• Breakdown of storage paths and processes
• Quick access to all relevant data
• Check of suspicious files

OpenedFilesView (32 Bit) openedfilesview-32-bit

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