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OpenCanvas4. 5 + is the professional painting and drawing program for beginners and advanced.



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Who wants to live his creativity in digital form, you need suitable software (such as OpenCanvas4. 5 +), which provides the necessary tools and settings. The various painting tools and materials be against a computer mouse at OpenCanvas4. 5 + exchanged. Many brushes, pens, watercolor, watercolor, Farbpallletten and many more options one must, painting and drawing program can replace to enable the digital realization of your ideas. OpenCanvas4. 5 + offers you a wide range of such features with user-friendly operation.

OpenCanvas4. 5 + is due to its extensive features appropriate software for professional graphics and other works, as well as for relatively simple projects. Is to not restrict your creativity, OpenCanvas4. 5 + friends the opportunity to implement traditional brushes and painting techniques just digital. Through numerous, well thought out options, settings, filters and tools around gezeichnete-paintings and graphic tablets, you can constantly refine and optimize. OpenCanvas4. 5 + can you so your ideals closer. The user interface of OpenCanvas4. 5 + is very clearly designed and customizable. The numerous settings, palettes and menus are freely placeable, because an even tidy surface promotes a faster finding your way after your own ideas. OpenCanvas4. 5 + offers countless ways to manipulate images: the menu is well developed and clearly structured, so that the operation is very intuitive happens instead of confusing you with unnecessary details on the surface.

An additional feature of OpenCanvas4. 5 + is the option to be able to observe the development and emergence of a graphic in hindsight. OpenCanvas4. 5 + records the creation process of a graphic from the beginning to the end and can play them back later as animation. This can be experienced again the phased emergence of graphic and offers as an entirely new angle of viewing a work. The finished graphics can be saved in various file formats; This is the way to ensure that it can be opened with many programs.

What OpenCanvas4. 5 + offers

• different painting and drawing tools
• Retouch your images
• Make gamma corrections and more
• Ease of use
•Suitable for lay people as well as for advanced users
• Recording of the image editing process

System requirements for the program

The software can be used on all major operating systems: Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. You need more than 10 MB of free memory to install and run the software. OpenCanvas4. 5 + should be used at a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels.

Description of the version: openCanvas

With the new openCanvas4. 5 + you can direct to your PC be creative and create your individual works of art. The improved management of the brush enables a still more precise work when digital recording. In addition, there are many great tools, with which you can lend cool effects to your drawings. The tool bar contains new tools that make the work even more diverse and give more individual character pictures.

The functions of the new openCanvas4. 5 +:

• Is the file download size 1.86 MB
Great effects give pictures with many different tools •
• more space to draw

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