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OpenArena is a first-person shooter with fun characters, great graphics and high long-term motivation.



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OpenArena is a free 3D shooter in which you can compete alone against the computer or against human opponents on the network. Various maps, weapons and characters are available.

OpenArena uses the engine of the shooter classic Quake III with an open-source license - Quake III Arena is not required, works as a standalone game OpenArena. The graphic has been improved even more when compared to the original: the action-packed 3D is really impressive and contributes its part to the sustained fun. Included popular game modes such as deathmatch, capture-the-flag, domination and free-for-all, that wait for you and your fellow players in the network — if time is no one nearby, who wants to compete against you, then fight are simply against computer-controlled opponents, to train your skills.

Did you experience already shooter in the past and you count yourself among the experts of the genre, then you come with OpenArena still at your expense: post game before just a corresponding handicap a to increase the challenge. You can configure the control according to your needs. You activate the automatic download feature, so you stay up to date and get extensions and additional maps from the Internet.

OpenArena lets you choose multiple unique player types where developers gave free rein to their imagination: draw with the ill-fated robot experiment on two legs called Skelebot into battle or fight your enemies with Liz, the humanoid dinosaurs. You like, then choose the well dressed Tony, a former double agent from the streets of Chicago. 12 Different weapons provide the firepower in OpenArena.

Description of the version: OpenArena

The OpenArena 0.8.5 version too with new features and updates: the effects have been revised so that missiles now develop smoke and sparks when shooting with shotguns. for three of the characters are additional designs available. Some of the old cards were improved, several new maps have been added. Also new is the challenge system that provides you with new challenges. The behavior of the computer opponents has become better after the revision, also many other small errors have been corrected.

OpenArena 0.8.5 offers the following advantages compared to the predecessors

• New graphic effects for more atmosphere
• New and updated maps
• New skins for some game figures
• New challenge system with fresh challenges
• Better behavior of the computer-controlled opponent

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