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With the new open Clip art library, you're over 12,000 clipart images at the same time in your hands.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Open Clip Art Library

Do you find your created documents sometimes also something too boring? Then, with the new open Clip art library, you can't stop it. It has an extensive collection of free clipart images. Whether you're looking now for something suitable sports, Office or animal world titled, in the open Clip art library, you'll quickly find it. The clipart images are clearly divided into different categories, that gives you a good overview. The interface is user-friendly and self-explanatory. So, you must be a professional, to serve the current open Clip art library.

You won't find suitable pictures or you toil around with property rights. The open Clip art library surprises you with over 12,000 free clip art for every occasion. No boring layout more for your documents. With the open Clip art library, you always have the correct beautification. Are you looking for a great idea for your birthday invitations? Then you will find something in the open Clip art library in any case. In concise thumbnail view, you can look at the pictures and choose alone.

You can quickly and easily download the latest open Clip art library and install it on your computer in just a few steps. Immediately after the installation are all clip art available, and you can start immediately with the improvement. Are you looking for something fun for the birthday or something romantic for a wedding? Then, the current open Clip art library has just the thing for you. Let's surprise your friends with upbeat invitations to your next party, or decorate your next love letter with romantic images.

The open Clip Art Library at a glance:

• Over 12,000 clipart images
• A comprehensive package of icon
• For categories children pictures
• Clear thumbnail image
• Free of charge and freely available
• Scope of 367 megabytes

System requirements for the open Clip art library

You need for the current open Clip art library, 2008 the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2003, XP, 7 or Vista and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer should have a minimum of 128 megabytes of memory and at least 600 megabytes of free hard disk memory. In addition, you need still the free Adobe SVG Viewer. Otherwise, the open Clip Art Library makes no special demands on your computer.

Description of the version: Open Clip Art Library

Get a collection of great clipart on your computer with the improved open Clip art library. More than 12,000 great free clipart available, which you can use freely for all Office applications are now friends. In the new version, the graphics are clearer theme - so you can find exactly the image you need.

The improved open Clip Art Library at a glance

• Over 12,000 clipart images are now available.
• Now even easier arrangement of images
• Easy to use of the clipart in Office applications

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