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ooVoo is a visually appealing and functionally diverse Internet Messenger.



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The Internet provides not only a platform for the exchange of media and files, but serves primarily as a simple and free communications platform. Using ooVoo, you can use the communication possibilities with many features.

There are many programs that offer telephone or Messenger functions over the Internet. With ooVoo you can use all of the options that have modern online Messenger, with a program. In addition to Internet telephony and video conferencing with up to six different parties, you can use Classic chat functions, if the connection is not as good or your communication partner has no webcam. In addition, you can incorporate Visual effects in the video chat in ooVoo that funny accents. The fun factor highlighted in this program significantly more than comparable messengers may more often be used.

In addition to video conferencing, you can send video messages, the person who you want to talk should be online. In the United States and Canada it is even possible to make calls free of charge to the normal telephone network. But was this service not enabled in this country so far, while shifting the modern communications and telephony increasingly on the Internet. That is why it can't hurt, that new possibilities of the World Wide Web to use, for example, with the useful multimedia Messenger ooVoo.

The Messenger ooVoo does not allows you to make calls to other communication networks on the Internet or to open chats. This stems from the freeware with good optics and is easy to use. The surface reminiscent of a phone, some buttons for chat and videoconferencing to the keypad of the telephone are also arranged. If you have friends who use ooVoo, you should download necessarily the applet!

Description of the version: ooVoo

The new version 3.0.2 of the Messenger Tools ooVoo offers some improvements and innovations from the first versions of the program, so you can even easier and more elegant in the Internet phone and chat can. The design of ooVoo was thoroughly revised in the latest version and all designed. In addition was improving the programme structure and the software more effectively structured. Errors of the previous versions were also eliminated, so that ooVoo now more stable for you.

The most important innovations in ooVoo version 3.0.2:

• New design and elegant user interface
• Software structure has been optimized and effective
• Error from previous versions have been eliminated
More useful features have been added •

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