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O & O Defrag Professional offers you different options to optimize your hard disk.



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O&O Defrag Professional

O & O Defrag Professional offers, in contrast to the de fragmenting function of your operating system, eight different methods to optimize your hard drive. You can choose Defrag Professional at O & O defragmentation faster and less carefully carried out up down to the complete "complet/access"-mode, searched even the last corner of the hard drive for unnecessary files or file fragments.

O & O Defrag Professional has a so-called OneButtonDefrag Technology. This feature allows Defrag Professional O & O to determine the optimal settings for each system independently. Also you can program an automatic Defragmenter Defrag Professional with O & O, which cleans up your hard disk in regular, you certain time schedules. This distributed the integrated activity guard in O & O Defrag Professional so evenly that the defragment in the background can expire and you will not interfere with your work the system services. Defrag Professional offers more ways O & O through the optimization of the master file table, the Windows registry and swap files. With O & O Defrag Professional so you have a program that monitors your hard disk regularly. It also files, that it had no access at the time of the test, the program detects and will undergo them automatically later still a test. If you are using multiple hard drives in your computer, you can simultaneously optimize all drives with O & O Defrag Professional.

If you O & O would like to try Defrag Professional, you can download the program as shareware on the Internet. Just click on the download button and follow the instructions you see on your screen. You can test the program for 30 days free of charge, then you will be prompted for a paid registration. Get the unlock code to the registration email.

The functions of O & O Defrag Professional

• Eight different de fragmenting functions
• Works in the background
• Checks multiple disks at the same time
• Detects locked files and checks
• Can be automated
• Cleans the registry also

System requirements and download

O & O Defrag Professional is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista. The program is also compatible with Windows 7. The system requirements are very low and you need 30 megabytes free hard disk space to install the Defragmenter.

Description of the version: O&O Defrag Professional

The current version of the software from O & O Defrag Professional has some very practical and useful new features. With eight different types of defragmentation you will help permanently, continuously to optimize your computer and risking no loss of performance of the processor. The software runs in the background and will be launched not only at intervals. The new integrated ActivityMonitor helps you in addition to resource management.

The new features of the latest release of O & O Defrag Professional.

• Manufacturer-independent optimization of solid state drives
• Optimized quick configuration for simplified entry
• Optimized control of speed zones
• Advanced report management and improved auto-tuning in the background

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