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With O & O DriveLED 4 Pro you will be warned during impending outages of your hard drives.



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O&O DriveLED

If you want to know how your hard drive, then you should set O & O DriveLED 4 Pro. Already with the free trial you have the full functionality of the solution is available and can check O & O full 30 days through its paces Pro DriveLED 4. While the system provides you with all information that are available to your hard disk. There are both used information from the operating system as also the hard disk. This DriveLED 4 can evaluate O & O of course only Pro, what make available to the manufacturer of the hard disk.

New in the current version of O & O DriveLED 4 Pro is the revised user interface, which shows you all information at a glance. This shows you all important information on your hard drives at a glance. No matter, whether name, drive letter, size, you can load or temperature, with O & O DriveLED 4 Pro all information on views. In the taskbar, you may have display this information to you so that you O & O does not always have to open DriveLED 4 Pro. Also new are the status reports that have the same function as the user interface and the Taskleistenanzeige. The status reports provide you the information of O & O DriveLED 4 Pro but not graphically, but in list form at the disposal and can be saved. Thus you can track the State of your hard drives later.

In addition to the new functions also all previous features of O & O available DriveLED 4 Pro as before. So you can easily retrieve the level of each hard disk and each partition. The warning features are most certainly the O & O DriveLED 4 Pro for the hard drives offers you. As soon as difficulties indicate you will be warned and can take appropriate action such as a backup. So, your data are always safe, even if the hard disk goes once in the knee.

Features of O & O DriveLED 4 Pro:

• Continuous monitoring of the hard drives
• Display of read / write access per drive
• Display of the filling level per drive
• Alerts on imminent malfunction of hard disk drives
• For Windows 7, Vista, XP, both 32 - and 64-bit
• Available as a trial version, no new installation of update to the full version necessary

About O & O DriveLED 4 Pro software and the manufacturer

Manufacturer of O & O DriveLED 4 Pro and other programs around the data safety and data recovery is the O & O Software GmbH from Berlin. The name of the company is derived from the first names of the two founders, working together since 1991, while at that time still a student. From the initial programming of software for students, a group of companies has become internationally acting up after Japan and China. The products have been awarded many times and have demonstrated their quality.

Description of the version: O&O DriveLED

O & O DriveLED monitors your hard disks and warns you in time of impending problems. With the current version of DriveLED, you get O & O a redesigned user interface that makes working with the software even easier. In addition to the local drives, you can monitor also network drives with O & O DriveLED and get displayed in the new version status reports. Thus, you always know where problems are threatening and can respond in a timely manner.

Features of the current version of O & O DriveLED 4 Professional Edition

• Monitoring of hard disk problems
• New and revised user interface
• New display of status reports
• New server and Workstation versions available
• Monitoring of network drives

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