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Notepad ++ is a meaningful extension of the standard features of Windows and on any PC.



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  • Updated: 06.03.2014


Whether for the normal user who misses functions in normal Notepad or the ambitious programmer, who needs a proper basis for his codes. The Notepad ++ has all the right answer ready.

Sure, you know the problem that, if you even posted a larger information or the text of a letter this very modest and cluttered looks in the Windows Notepad. Or you like to program and tease you about that you again find hardly a line of code in the Notepad. Notepad ++ expanded with some useful functions the functions of the normal Windows Notepad.

The Notepad is actually suitable for everyone working on the PC and every now and then would like to drop a piece of information. So you need not always the same word to open, to leave a note. The Notepad ++ enhances this now also optically a little. So, you can apply the usual page formats and formatting here just like in the known Word. You'll use the most useful functions but, if you program. Notepad ++ knows as well as any programming language and can be set at lightning speed on them, comply with a few clicks. This is done only once, then the program tints just your lines of code in the appropriate colors and you can easily locate error or missing characters. So it is even easier for you to navigate you in a great code, the Notepad ++ on the left shows the row, in which you find yourself. This is very useful to evaluate error messages, where usually the line indicating where the error occurred.

Should this functionality still not enough friends, you can do an abundance of freely available plug in the Internet-in the find, which further enhance this software to many useful functions.

Description of the version: Notepad++

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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