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Norwegian, active provides multimedia learning, promising at the same time, success and fun.



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Norwegisch AKTIV

With the concept of learning by Norwegian you score after a short time success active. Norwegian active combines the key elements of the classical language learning interactively on the PC that allow you motivated and fun to learn the Norwegian language. The virtual trainer guides you through 40 lessons, each of which contains a spoken and written text or dialogue with associated vocabulary list and an easy-to-understand section in the grammar factory. In addition, Norwegian offers an informative text to country and people, and explanations to the everyday language in Norway active in each lesson. The application-oriented tutorial is rounded off by Norwegian active with numerous overview and learning modules on specific topics, such as numbers, the time or key phrases.

Learning with Norwegian is active at the same time entertaining and effective. In each lesson, you can check your knowledge by using of training modules and consolidate. The vocabulary targeted queries the new words and keeps track of your strengths and weaknesses. You can apply the newly learned rules in numerous exercises with the grammar coach. Norwegian, active offer also a language lab, in which you have the possibility to record your own pronunciation, to compare them with the requirements of your virtual instructor. So you can get a deeper understanding and feeling step by step for the new language.

With the free demo version of Norwegian active you get insight in 4 of 40 lessons and can even try out, how much fun is it with Norwegian active learning.

Other active features of Norwegian:

• Over 4,500 words from all areas of everyday life with pronunciation.
• Insight into the full Norwegian grammar.
• Print function for all texts, words and explanations.
• Creating own word lists.
• The learning at their own pace and without pressure.
• In the "free training" learn new vocabulary or improve specific areas.

The recipe for success of Norwegian active

Norwegian has evolved from an insider's tip for students active and Norwegian students developed into one of the best-selling tutorials for the Norwegian language. This success is based on a continuous development, a modern, interactive learning principle and cooperation with OBS!Online, the language Institute of Scandinavian languages. Beginners as well as advanced using Active Norwegian self-study or concomitantly in addition to a language course, home individually to deepen the learned.

Description of the version: Norwegisch AKTIV

Get you home a piece of Scandinavia with Norwegian active and learn interactively with your virtual teacher. In a variety of labs with texts and dialogues, you can improve your pronunciation and grammar. In addition, your own pronunciation is compared with the Norwegian language. A free demo version gives you a good insight into Norwegian active for beginners and advanced.

Norwegian active for beginners and advanced

• 40 Lessons for individual learning.
• Over 4,500 recorded words.
• Full Norwegian grammar.
• Virtual teachers commented on progress.
• Variety of dialogues and texts.
• Compare the pronunciation with native Norwegian.

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