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Norton Utilities is the ideal program to backup and system optimization.



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Norton Utilities

With Norton Utilities, you can optimize the performance of your computer in the blink of an eye. The start up Manager and the System Manager optimizes your operating system and your PC does start then much faster. So you can work much faster and more effective thanks to Norton Utilities. While the program offers optimal security for your data. Because the program deletes automatically no longer needed confidential files to optimally protect you from attacks by hackers.

Norton Utilities is very easy to use. Even beginners can optimize the performance of your system with the program. Because Norton Utilities can make your PC optimally use you by it cleans up the hard disk space at your fingertips to make it as possible for you to work with multiple programs at the same time. This improves the overall work performance of the PC. Regularly defragment also helps to optimize system performance, and produced by Norton Utilities using registry Defragmenter.

By defragmenting the hard disk, you can expose extra hard disk space by Norton Utilities. Because space with unnecessary files is often or forgotten installation remains blocked, which slows overall system performance of the computer. The program helps protect your PC by uncovers faulty registrations and installations and automatically repaired. In addition, Norton Utilities repairs any kind of files. Thus, you can not only backup your data, but also save in case of doubt. Files from external media, such as USB flash drives or removable disk can be repaired and saved. By means of optimized problem analysis, Norton Utilities save any type of file quickly and safely.

The benefits of Norton Utilities at a glance:

• System optimization
• Defragmentation
• Improved system boot
• Data recovery
• Storage Organization
• Hard drive cleaning

Norton Utilities is a high-quality product

Norton Utilities is the most popular program to optimize operating system on the market. The manufacturer Symantec 1981 developed the first versions of the success program for MS DOS. Since version 8 Norton Utilities is compatible and shortly afterwards also Windows followed the first Mac versions. Since 2009, the latest version on the international market is available with version 14.

Description of the version: Norton Utilities

The current version of Norton Utilities lets you far better protect of your computer. More hard drive space, a much faster response time and optimal system resources are guaranteed. The clean-up of disk space at the same time creates more capacity for new data on your computer. Overall, improved PC performance can be realized, that is maintained by a higher security and the protection of your computer long.

What's new in version 4.0 of Norton Utilities

• Enhanced protection by a powerful security package
• Professional protection
• Automatic virus protection with latest technology
• Spyware protection around the clock
• Two-way firewall
• Backup and automatic recovery

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