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NoLIMITS rollercoaster, a program for all roller coaster fans who place value on 3D-Echtzeit.



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Nolimits Rollercoaster

With NoLIMITS rollercoaster, it is possible, with the virtual control panel easy to use to design your own line of very many roller coaster systems. You can download as well as an already pre-made track from a selection of real existing coasters with NoLIMITS rollercoaster. In the integrated Simulator by NoLIMITS rollercoaster you're reviewing them from different perspectives and drive in 3D-Echtzeit your self-imposed along roller coaster train on the tracks.

NoLIMITS rollercoaster offers you the opportunity to take the role of the passenger or a service conductor on the electronic control panel. As a signaller with NoLIMITS rollercoaster you have many manual functions, which are necessary for the operation of the virtual roller coaster. So open you closes the shoulder harness of the car and the station doors via the control panel of the NoLIMITS rollercoaster, acknowledge the release of train out of the station and are running a, if required, an emergency stop. This raised the entire roller coaster of the NoLIMITS rollercoaster grinds to a halt.

Download NoLIMITS rollercoaster on your computer easily and quickly here. Click on the appropriate download button and in a few minutes you can start NoLIMITS rollercoaster. NoLIMITS rollercoaster will certainly inspire you from the first minute, since you don't have many opportunities to design their own roller coaster tracks and build up. After that, you can try out the different train rides with NoLIMITS rollercoaster. Whether only a car or six, whether through tight curves and steep loops; This roller coaster Simulator at home greatly increases your adrenalin level determined even before the computer.

Features with NoLIMITS rollercoaster

• Seventy rollercoaster tracks
• Loop the loops, screws and curves
• Screensaver mode
• Multiple train operation with block safety system
• Animated scene objects
• Onboard vision or any observer position selectable

Integrated tools for rollercoaster

This program offers a large number of interesting integrated tools that can be applied to change the roller coaster track or their environment. So, there is an "automatic heart lines generator" (AHG). This is a tool which generates on the basis of the existing route as the heart line, a new line. Also a tool with which you can already existing elements of the railway, zoom, rotate or reflect, is included; It is called purgatory. Yet the 'NoLIMITS construction kit"(NLCK), a tool with which you can install for example new flanges in the system would be to mention. The supports of the roller coaster can be thus still complexer.

Description of the version: Nolimits Rollercoaster

The latest version of the No. limits Rollercoasters is available for Mac and PC users, and makes even more exciting your gaming experience with high-quality 3D graphics and optimized sound. You can download additional thousands tracks from the Internet that have been created by other users. If the 70 prefabricated routes are not enough friends, you can choose from several train and track types and create you your own roller coaster.

The most important innovations of the NoLIMITS rollercoaster version 1.55

• Free demo version available
• Software is available for the PC and Mac
• Thousands of additional routes exist on the Internet free
• High quality 3D real-time graphics

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