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An audio recorder for digital MP3 files, to record all audio signals on the PC.



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No23 Recorder

No23 recorder you can record easily all audio on the PC.

This tool is just the thing to store recordings on the hard disk. Regardless of whether directly from the microphone, or by PC games, online radio, videos, music, CD player or or or. The No23 recorder records all discretion and knows no bounds, is immediately ready and free after installation.

Some few settings can make, for example, the quality level of the to be memorized sound files or the bit rate. The program pushes the recordings as MP3 on the plate and can be with the free LAME codec, which is already integrated in the program, easily converted to an OGG or WAV type.

Description of the version: No23 Recorder

In this version now also a CD-Ripper is included, engine for MP3/OGG, CD players, and peak level.

No23 Recorder no23-recorder

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