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Nightly tester tools make older add-ons with newer versions of Firefox compatible.



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Nightly Tester Tools

The free software nightly tester tools makes old extensions for newer versions of the browser Firefox compatible stores Internet sessions and restores your request also.

The free nightly tester tools is a useful extension for the Firefox Internet browser. If you try a new browser version of Firefox, then older installed extensions no longer work. The tool helps to detect all this extension for Firefox and thus unlocks the incompatible extensions. Nightly tester tools lets you try out every new version of Firefox without losing your extensions. Especially if Add-ons are no longer actively developed, this software is very useful. The tool supports also the other programs by Mozilla, Thunderbird, and Sunbird. The primary function of the nightly tester is your extensions to make it compatible tools, a nice side effect is that the tool saves your sessions and also can restore them.

The program works with an algorithm, this overrides the internal production numbers of extensions. This algorithm fails, the tool writes an error file that can be parsed by the manufacturers. Some extensions can not adapt with the software and refuse to execute, then should you uninstall Add-ons. Nightly Tester Tools is always one step ahead of the programmers of the browser Firefox. Because the porting of the browser plug-in the not yet fully completed with each new release. The software then deactivates the compatibility check and all your add-ons work again.

The software nightly tester tools you can download for free with us. For this, simply click on the download button.

Description of the version: Nightly Tester Tools

For the current version of nightly tester tools some improvements made, and small bugs fixed. For example, the override function improved and increased stability. The new version is 5 and 6 for Firefox also with the latest beta versions of Firefox compatible. In addition, the user can now own the title bar adjust. Version 3.1.6 can come up also with additional features: nightly tester tools from now already closed tabs restore and can now make screenshots.

The innovations in the software nightly tester tools version 3.1.6

• Override function improved
• Increased stability
• Compatible with the beta versions of Firefox 5 and 6 for Firefox
• Title bar can be adjusted by user
• Recovery of tabs
• Screenshots

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