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nHancer offers opportunities that go far beyond the standard of nVidia.



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For the settings of the graphics card, every manufacturer offers their own programs. With nHancer but get possibilities, which are not present even in the own tools from nVidia. For gamer a must.

nHancer changed the settings of the nVidia Forceware driver and supports all current nVidia graphics cards. This applies to both the SLI - as well as the Quad-SLI configurations. nHancer offers but even configuration options supported by nVidia not directly at any computer game.

Otherwise than with the nVidia control you can save multiple profiles panel here. Thus, you will have the opportunity to use the optimal settings for each game and have to every time experiment, but can simply download the profiles. And also here nHancer goes beyond the manufacturer's tools and features anti - aliasing and anisotropic filtering, the normal control panel doesn't even know. The tidy interface nHancer enables intuitive working friends here, so that you can make the settings without profound knowledge of graphics applications.

The requirements that you must meet for free freeware, more are standard as unusual. In addition to the nVidia graphics card, you need a GeForce driver version 182.x, as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. NHancer works easily with all the other tools you use settings on your graphics card. It is no matter whether it is the nVidia control panel, aTuner or RivaTuner. The software is for 32- and 64-bit version available and runs on Windows platforms from Windows NT. Useful is certainly also the fact that in addition to the already mentioned surface the nHancer on German is available.

Description of the version: nHancer

The new version of nHancer brings some improvements, affecting particularly the anti-aliasing mode of the GTX cards. These new modes, of which there are several for 32 x, 32xQ, SLI64x and SLI64xQ, work with older cards, while they Panel of the card itself does not appear in the control. The new component RegistryMonitor used for the registration of nHancer now instead of the BlackBytes registry component. Continue to the installation program has been improved, and minor bugs have been fixed.

Features in the current release of nHancer

• New anti-aliasing modes implemented
• The new modes work cards, as well as older models with the GTX
• New component for the registry
• Improved installer
• Minor improvements
• Freeware for Windows XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7

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