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  • Windows 11.6

Nexus provides quick access to applications and documents in a colourful Mac-style.



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Nexus is a free and powerful application launcher for Windows. With him, you put together your individual desktop taskbar and get quick access to often used applications and functions.

With nexus, you can miss a launcher bar in the elegant Mac-style to your Windows desktop. This bar inspired by the dock in Mac OS X can adjust according to your wishes. Several themes to choose from and additional effects that you make the icons when mouse touch jumping or lights stand. You can position the taskbar on your desktop, where you want, and change the size. Drag-and-drop, you can add applications, shortcuts or documents. Of texts and images, you can see a small preview images in the bar. You will receive information about the icon when you hover over it with the mouse pointer. In addition, you can add specific modules to dock such as current weather, a watch, or information about CPU or RAM. With nexus, you have quick access to applications, you often need, or system information. You can see what applications are running, and you can monitor your network connections. The dock background you can blur or color, and you can set that to hide the bar at inactivity. You can replace the symbols with your own pictures. Simply drag an image in ICO, TIFF or PNG format on the corresponding icon. In the options you can make various settings, such as to the behavior of the icons at the click of a mouse. You can add also sounds the different commands.

The manufacturer of Winstep nexus was designed along the lines of Apple's Mac docks and is not in this. With us, you can download the free version of nexus. The manufacturer offers an advanced version - ultimate - nexus, which is however subject to a charge.

Description of the version: Nexus

In the new version of nexus, the programs were updated and improved the performance of. You have a wider variety of available themes and effects. You can customize size, color and transparency of the docks and the icons. You can quickly add applications and documents the bar by drag -and-drop. Special modules offer access to system information, the weather or the time. You can see thumbnails of images and texts.

The most important innovations of nexus in the version 11.2

• Wider range of themes
• Numerous effects on mouse contact
• Extra functions with special modules
• Individual adjustment of the docks and the icons
• Quick access to often-used applications

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