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Neverball is a free, exciting 3D game where you have to prove your skills!



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Neverball - Neverputt

The gameplay of neverball is based on maneuver a ball on a playing surface. Using the mouse, the keyboard or a joystick to control the playing field under the ball through a maze to the goal. You need to be as quickly as possible, because the set time limit must not be exceeded! Mobile platforms and other crazy obstacles stand you in neverball in the way, and with every level, the challenge is greater!

The next level for neverball unlock, should you arrive, not only in the target but collect a certain number of coins in three different colors yellow, red and blue. The yellow coins are worth 1 point, the Red 5 and the Blue 10 points. If you have collected 100 points for neverball, you get an extra life. From this score, you can save the game and resume it at a later date.

Neverball offers plenty of variety and an exciting challenge with over 140 levels and 6 levels of difficulty. In addition, more levels can be downloaded from some websites, so you can discover new worlds and expand neverball! While you play neverball, it is possible to switch between three camera angles. An integrated video recording system allows then again look at the playing level. Neverball allows you to complete various challenges. For example, so many coins in the allotted time to collect as possible. Or to go fastest in the target. The great graphics of neverball and gameplay with the different setting options offer you a long fun!

In addition, neverball has integrated yet another game: the miniature golf game Neverputt. It uses the same graphics engine (OpenGL), and also different levels of difficulty can be adjusted from mild to severe.

• Neverball requires few resources: 500 MHz processor, and a 3D map
• There are constantly new updates
• Small file size
Fun •continued
• Thanks to GtkRadiant, it is possible to create your own game levels
• Game records are recorded

Short facts at a glance
Neverball is a freeware game and at the same time an action, puzzle and skill game. The single player developed by Robert Kooima game is available for the systems Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. If you can keep a steady hand, looking for thrill and a challenge, then neverball will not disappoint certainly!

Description of the version: Neverball - Neverputt

Neverball games with brains and skill. Neverball is a game of skill and action game. At the same time, the new version includes Neverputt, which is based on the putti playing golf. Putt on the green with skill and understanding, solve small maze puzzles and navigate through different obstacles. Solve the requirements with speed and skill level of neverball. Putt with the bat for Neverputt in various Greens.

Neverball and now newly also with Neverputt

• New levels, new puzzles
• Navigate through mazes and obstacles
• Train skill and speed
• And new: putt for Neverputt as on the golf course
• Boring levels were eliminated - just challenging levels

Neverball neverball neverball-neverputt

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