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The Telekom Network Manager provides administrative assistance, monitoring and hot-spot search.



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Netzmanager der Telekom

The Telekom Network Manager you can create easily and quickly your Internet and network connections. The "modular" principle move in simple steps. So, even a layman without outside help can create his connection and maintain.

Deutsche Telekom has developed many useful Internet tools and made available for download. This can performed measurements, data parses and repairs carried out. Users can do it in this way often, even without a technician to come out. Also, the network manager of Telekom turns in this series. Called "Modular" by the manufacturer, you can with this even without expert knowledge build up your network, you connect to the Internet and make individual settings. If you're investing so little time, problems, for their elimination a technician otherwise would have asked for help. Thus, you can save money while the program is free of charge.

With the network manager of Telekom, it also has an always mobile tool to proceed against error. You can check your settings and find out what could be improved. So, you can avoid major headache semi automatic capturing small gaps. Also, the Wi-Fi settings can be viewed and modified without taking the router configuration utility. This just makes it easier, what most laymen is not entirely transparent - a wide range of management software. You have the relevant data so at a glance, without having to diving in deeper into the matter.

Also ensures the transparency of the network with the 'monitoring': all devices installed in the system can be viewed centrally. This helps you manage and ensures that you never lose control of your building. For notebook users, the possibility of benefit, to find the next T-Mobile HotSpot at any time with the network manager of Telecom is also.

Description of the version: Netzmanager der Telekom

The new network manager of Telekom has been adapted to the constantly changing requirements of the Internet facility and is even easier to use than past versions. About the simply designed "construction kit" system do you think even for a layman to the target, can change your router without the configuration utility and significantly simplify your management so, for example, the Wi-Fi settings. About the hotspot locator you can, to be able to locate a T-Mobile HotSpot anywhere recently. For notebook users, that is very pleasant.

The most important innovations of the network manager of Telekom 1.05

• Permanent possibility to place independent search by T-Mobile hotspots
• Simplified management structure and operation
• Configure of the wireless settings
• Support and connection care adapted to the needs of today's
• The network is clearly visualized monitoring
• Comprehensive connection property

Netzmanager der Telekom netzmanager telekom telekom netzmanager telekom.der netzmanager-der-telekom

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