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Network Stumbler offers an examination of the reach and quality of connection for your Wi-Fi network.



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Network Stumbler

With the free software network stumbler, you can measure the range and quality of connection your wireless LAN network and locate any disconnections with a GPS system.

With the free tool network stumbler, you can optimize your Wi-Fi connection. With the program, you can measure the range of your Wi-Fi network and can show you the quality of the connection. The software graphically shows you the connection quality and is very clear and accurate. In addition the tool shows you how to change the quality of connection with the distance to the network. You can locate any disconnects with an optional GPS system. Network Stumbler has a very user-friendly interface and is almost self explanatory. The measurement and system tool also checks wireless channels to available networks (wireless access points) and provides you all found information about it. Such information is MAC addresses, channels, network name (SSID) or the encryption. The found networks store network stumbler, and you can customize HotSpot maps of Wi-Fi networks. However, it is a prerequisite for these cards, that your computer has GPS. Unlike similar tools, network stumbler scans not passive but active. He periodically sends a probe request frames and saves results reported back. You can use this information to list and filter.

Network Stumbler is also known under the name of NetStumbler. The tool runs on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems and Windows XP and is written in the English language. Network Stumbler has already won several awards.

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Description of the version: Network Stumbler

The current version of network stumbler is waiting with some innovations. Network Stumbler now supports Wi-Fi cards based on Atheros, Atmel and Intersil Prism, as well as Cisco cards. In addition the software now allows using Earthmate GPS. In addition, there are some new scripting features, and fixed the software bug in the graph view. Network Stumbler is programmed in the new version that it comes during the scanning procedure, not in the standby mode.

The latest features of the network stumbler 0.4

• Support for Atheros -, Atmel and Intersil Prism cards
• Support for Cisco cards
• Allows use of Earthmate GPS
• New scripting functions
• Software error in graph view fixed
• No standby mode in the scanning process

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